I have had a terrible time with my mother's two oldest daughters who are 15 and 16 years older and one who does not work and the other one can retire in June. I finally had to tell them they were not welcomed at my home and they could rent a hotel and see Mom at the nursing home if they wanted too(I would place Mom in every third weekend). I paid the cost but after 5 months I can't do it the home is filling up.They told me to take her out of the home and do my job and take care of her. The only one that has every slightly helped ask could she get Mom next week and carry her to a motel, I am concerned because this is the one who told me some day someone I cared about would be taken away. I have only asked them one time in 61/2 years not to come at that time( which was very last minute on their part, one day notice) and that is when it got really ugly accusing me of not letting them see their Mom. I am worried she also offered to carry Mom to her house for part of the summer, she lives five hours away. I don't know if this is real offer or something they are plotting, I would love the break. I don't see her taking care of Mom for any length of time,longer than a week maybe two so she would not keep her for that reason , it would be for just plain old meanness. Concerned about what she may try Mom has dementia and cannot speak clearly. The one who does not work was mean to Mom and this was when Mom was well, so I do not want to her alone with Mom. (this is not the one that is offering to help, but they are buddies now) What is a good solution and The safest one for Mom? What are my rights with these two plotting evil siblings? They put more stress in my life than Mom and I need or deserve. During the last 6 months is the worst. I wish I could say that Mom moving in and choosing to live with me was what made them so mean but in Mom's words They have always been mean. Any suggestions ? Thanks

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