My mother wrote me and my brother a check for hundred $50,000 and told us to split the money after she is gone unfortunately she passed away and my brother cash the check put it in the bank and my name is not on the account is there anything I can do to get my half of that money? I've lost contact with him and he won't answer my emails doesn't have a phone and I don't know where he's living. Thank you very much.

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So sorry for the passing of your mother.

Did your mother's estate go to probate? Probate would want to see the bank accounts from the date of death. Seeing a check that is over $10k would bring up a red flag.

Really curious how your brother was able to cash a check which had two names on the check and going into an account that didn't have your name listed. Unless he forged the check with your signature and a line that said something to the effect that said monies are transferring to your brother.

Hire a Private Eye, they are pretty good at locating people who are off the grid. Or you can check the Internet by putting in your brother's name into the search and see what pops up. Maybe he is on Facebook, or if he is still working maybe LinkedIn. You can also go to Google Images and type in his name, if his picture shows up then click on the photo to see if there is any info with that photo.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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