My mother is 96 years old has Parkinson, she is really begin to stoop over, I would like to purchase a Calibrace brace can any one give me information on this item.

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idumea, check with Mom's doctor first before buying the back brace. I looked it up on the Internet, it looks comfortable for someone younger. I don't know if your Mom would like wearing something like that. Guess you can always give it a try.

My Mom was stoop-over in her 90's, also, but it was from general age decline. I noticed the stoop was starting when Mom started to use a cane. Even though the cane was measured correctly for her height, she slowly started to stoop-over when using the cane.... and the very same stoop without using the cane. I was beginning to think the cane was causing the problem because in the past Mom was always standing up straight.

Sometimes elder stoop-over to help themselves breathe better. So take that into consideration, too.
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I'm not familiar with it but I would first do some online research to find out more about the benefits and/or limitations, then call the doctor who's treating her and ask if a script can be written to get it paid for by Medicare. Either way, research local DME suppliers and find out if they have these kinds of braces, if Medicare pays for them, but if not what the out of pocket cost is.

Is she stooped over b/c of Parkinson's or is there any osteoporosis involved?

Good luck.
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