Mother is 92 has dementia and lives with me. I have an ongoing problem with her wanting to leave and go home. When we're in the house, I can control it with door locks calm voice and distractions. Outside is another story. I cant take her outside to sit on the patio for fresh air, because if the mood strikes, she'll take off. I cant restrain her so I just try and stay in front of her and herd her back in the house. Its quite the show to watch, shes mad because I wont let her go and sometimes she'll start yelling for help. Anyone else have this problem?

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Yes, my neighbors are aware of the situation. They've come over to help me on occasion when they've seen what was happening. At times this helps because she will kind of remember her social manners and it knocks her off the wanting to get away. This is an awful disease, my mother is physically quite healthy, but her mind doesn't work as it should.
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That sounds pretty scary. My LO started to wander, so her doctor prescribed a Secure Memory Care for her. She's in a wheelchair, so she's limited, but, if you mom has the mobility to take off quickly.....I might not take her outside, unless in a gated area.

I have read about tracking devices, but, that only helps you locate them after they are lost. It doesn't protect them from walking to traffic, getting into a strange car, etc. Are your neighbors aware of the situation, so if they see her yelling, they won't call the police?
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