I have just been granted guardianship over my mother (89) who has dementia. She cannot live alone, but insists on her own apartment.


I try reasoning with her but it doesn't work. She has to be placed in an ALF because I cannot stay with her 24/7. I need to find a way to get her to the facility but am having real guilt issues not to mention not having a plan on how to get her there to begin with.

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As long as you have that court order, you can move her. The sticky part is her behavior. If she is cooperative, the ALF will take her. The law says they have to evaluate her, in person. So arrange for a tour with the free lunch and a little meeting afterward.
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You can't reason with dementia. Make the preparations and get ready for the move. I suggest you don't even tell her, she will just get upset. There are many ruses people use to get demented elders in facilities. We're going out for lunch.....The house is getting painted.....Pest control fogging.......stay here for a week.......just temporary.

It's never easy but she'll get used to the new place, get better care and have a lot mote stimulation. Good luck.
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