I am part time care giver with my sister and her husband. She lives with them
These family members took advantage of her financially for over 2 years.
I have Durable Power of Attorney.
Her social worker says no unsupervised visits and if there is trouble call the law.
Just not sure what I can legally do.

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Bobbi, slow down a little so we can get the facts.
What KIND of POA do you have (financial or medical)?
Have you been acting as Mom's financial power to pay bills, handle accounts?
If so, how did someone else defraud Mom.
Does your mother have dementia or is she able to communicate for herself now?
Your profile shows you serve as caregiver three days. Does your Mom live with the Sister and husband full time and serve the other four days?
Who is defrauding and trying to "take her off".
Social Workers do not have the power to designate supervised visits. Why do you object to supervised visits? Would you not be supervisor during your three days as caregiver?
Who requested supervised visits?
Is this a sibling war, or is there some other family, outsiders, at work here?
Have you opened a case with APS if you suspect fraud.
I find your message quite confusing, but yes, if you suspect someone is trying to take your mother out of the home illegally, essentially kidnapping her, do call the police.
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