She claims she does not like this caregiver and she is giving this problem everyday now. I have tried strong medicines but they have bad stomach pain side effects. Today I am trying to bribe her with breakfast. Is this wrong?

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Your mom may not like any caregiver you hire.

Does your mom have a morning routine in the bathroom? Brushing teeth? Washing face? Using the commode? This is where the clean underwear and clothes come in, while your mom is going through her a.m. bathroom routine. While she's on the commode the caregiver can slip off last night's underwear and slide on a fresh pair. Once your mom is done using the commode the caregiver can begin to undress her and put clean clothes on her. The caregiver shouldn't say, "Are you ready for a clean shirt?" The caregiver should instead say, "Here's your clean shirt." Your mom doesn't get a choice. She wears clean clothes and underwear everyday. And if the caregiver undresses and then dresses your mom from the commode it will become part of her routine.
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