My Mother has just begun to be sleepy all day and sleeps 12-14 hours at night. Any advice?


She's had dementia 4=/- years. In addition her robust appetite has significantly declined in the past few weeks.

What, if anything, could/should I do?

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Tayler, how old is your mother? If she is in her 80's or 90's she is going to be very very tired.... she has lived a long life.

My parents who are in their mid-90's and have age decline [no dementia as of yet] sleep a lot. They usually sleep through the night, but any time I stop to deliver something, I find them sound sleep in the living room. Dad admits he dozes off right after breakfast, right after lunch, and I usually wake him up at 8 pm when I call in the evening.

The less exercise one gets the less they are hungry. Plus as one ages, your sense of taste disappears.

If Mom was recently put on blood pressure pills or put on a higher dose, that will also make her very sleepy.... I know it did for me.

As Sunnygirl above mentioned, check with your Mom's doctor to see if anything is brewing.
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I would consult with her doctor. Let the doctor know what's going on. He may want to run tests. She could have some kind of infection or illness in addition to dementia. Or it could be her dementia progressing. Once they eliminate any medical cause, you might ask the doctor about it. I know that these symptoms can be the dementia advancing, but you need to confirm that is what it is and make sure she is not in distress.

I would do a lot of reading about advanced dementia and its effects, so you will be prepared to discuss it with the doctor.
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