If my mother wants to help with my house after she moves in, could she just make the payment out of the proceeds from her house?

Don’t say she wants to HELP you, write up a contract stating what mom’s fair share of the bills are, or charge her a “boarding fee” & both of you sign & date it. She can’t help you financially (if you think she might need Medicaid within 5 years) but she is allowed to pay normal living expenses concerning her wellbeing in your home.
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My mom and dad moved in with us several years ago, and now it's just mom, She pays the electric and TV bills, as they went up when she moved in. Also helps with groceries and gas once in awhile. I am on her accounts, but she is not on mine. Knowing now what I didn't know then.. I may have looked in a CG agreement, but she will likely not need Medicaid. We did put the proceeds from her home sale into her investment account. SHe pays her share from her retirement and SS. I think if you do a CG agreement you should be OK.
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This is my opinion and I am looking at Medicaid being needed in the future.

The money from Moms house should be put in a savings account, CD or whatever. It should not be touched only for Moms personal needs. If you need Mom to contribute to ur household then take it from her SS. As suggested, write up something saying that Mom is paying a % of the household expenses. If there are 4 in the house, Mom may pay 25%. If two 50%. I would not use any of her proceeds to go towards your house. Even though she is living with you Medicaid feels this is improvement to your home, you profit. Don't put her on the deed. Will cause problems further down the road. Don't share bank accts either. Medicaid looks at them as Moms if her name is on them.

If you think what I have said will not happen for over five years, then Mom could help.
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Be careful. It's a sensitive conversation to have, but when you say "help with" your house are you talking about her paying a rental, as Tacy explains, or sharing bills, or contributing to more extensive alterations, or what? The important thing is to get all of this talked about in advance, then down on paper as a formal agreement.

It would also be sensible to look ahead and think about what kind of support she may need in the future. Caregiving is the worst kind of mission creep there is: you start out helping with meals and shopping and medical appointments, but time rolls on and before you know it it's morphed into full time and then into 24/7 care, and it is *hard*.

Again, that doesn't have to stop you: but talk about it with your mother, and think about how it's to be managed and funded. Check out caregivers' agreements, find out about support and care services in your area. She's your mother, you are doing this for love, and to that extent it's no good saying don't be sentimental - it IS partly sentimental. But don't be romantic, and don't just cross your fingers.
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In the event she needs Medicaid in the future, I would have a rental agreement drawn up. Is she competent to sign one or do you have an active POA?
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Chuck77429 Jan 30, 2019
She is Competent to sign

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