I am the sole caregiver Believe me when I tell you I do everything for her. I quit my job to take care of her. Then she says these things. I know that it's not her talking but it still hurts. How does anyone handle this?

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Dear mypetunia,

I'm so sorry to hear what is happening. I know you love your mom and are doing your best for her. Its always being hard the sole caregiver. You have made sacrifices too to take care of her. No one deserves to hear hateful words. And I know its hard.

Please know its the medications or disease talking not your mom. It must be hard to be 93 years old too. Its hard on the caregiver, but also hard on our elders. Try to take a step back. Get some fresh air. Look for respite care. Consider talking to a counselor or joining a support group. Take care of yourself the best you can.
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I'm sorry you have to go through this. So far, I haven't. We had a rough patch of time in the beginning where my LO was belligerent, but, after that passed, she was not rude at all. Maybe, this will pass for your mom too.

I'd try to get respite care so you can get out and have some R&R for yourself. It's mentally draining to work so hard and get back rudeness. I'd try to get your emotional support from other sources at this point.
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