My mother (85) has formed an obsession for Werther candies?


She can eat two bags a day. I had let her go to the store with another resident in her group home until she got sick at a grocery store and they called the ambulance for her. I work so I was a little upset at my self for letting her go twice a week. She was doing pretty well with going twice a week but I have stopped her from leaving the group home per a request from the care takers. She a touch of dementia and is calling me everyday to bring her candy. She is under hospice care and I asked the nurse if she could get diabetes from all the candy. Se told e no, but I have been taking her to a dentist once a month to pull teeth that are breaking off. I am wondering if I should let her have her candy and not worry so much about it since it is something she really enjoys.

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Who cares if she gets diabetes from the candy? I see the teeth being an issue but even if she were to develop diabetes, it is not like she would have it long enough to do any more damage than the aging process will do anyway.

My Mom is 84 and has diabetes and numerous other problems and if she wants a chocolate shake, I am d*mn well giving her chocolate shake. Now, if that is all she wants day and night... well, maybe she won't get that because chocolate shakes usually end up coming out like chocolate pudding - everywhere.
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If she is biting those things--pretty likely she'll break her teeth. At her age, I'd just let her eat candy all day if she wanted.
If you are looking for an alternate for her sweets obsession, try the Lindt chocolate factory--online--and order her as many as you can afford (they are dirt cheap bought in bulk). They are soft, she won't break her teeth and she can "share" with others or keep them to herself. I think I bought 550 pieces (for Christmas gifts!) of one flavor for about $140. Less than having a tooth pulled. If she is determined to eat sweets, she's going to find them, you may as well have a supply handy.
Also, those Werthers things are super choking hazards!!!!
I hope your question wasn't how to get her to stop eating candy. I have no clue.
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