and she's in her 80's for a home health aid....... I cannot afford out of pocket costs to get her a home health aid for 4-6 hours a day,please help me with this problem. I need a home health aid to help me mother that is in her 80's can anyone point me in the right area for free help needed please?
I live in maimi-dade county, please help me anyone with my problem as i'am fin.broke and i cannot afford a health aid/caregiver to help my mother while i'am at work mon-fri. please as i'am fully begging anyone that can help me out of this mess here in miami-dade county,again i cannot afford out of the pocket costs to pay for a health aid/caregiver that i need for my mother that is in her 80's,she likes watching t.v.-spanish channels,she likes movies,talking with family over the phone at times,she cannot not cook for herself,clean,wash up for herself-needing help after her stroke,she needs help with manythings she likes to do,taking care of her flowers,reading at times,lifting up somethings around the house as she cannot-needs help doing that.She's slow in memory. Please i need someone nice that would help me with this problem i'am having at this time.I have family out of state that cannot help out at all,they either have jobs and are sick with manythings and it's very hard for them to travel to miami florida to help my mother out. I see this is a very nice site that might work for me help find much needed help please?
thank you very much

thank you for your time...

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I looked up what might have caused a person to be ineligible for Florida Medicaid.
Overview of General Eligibility Requirements for Family Related Medicaid
Applicants for Medicaid must be US citizens or qualified noncitizens, must be Florida residents, and must provide social security numbers to facilitate data matching. Most factors of eligibility may be verified electronically via the Federal
Data Services Hub (FDSH). Self-attestation is accepted for the majority of
eligibility factors;however a reasonable explanation and/or documentation may be requested to clarify questionable information or resolve inconsistencies.
If the parent is not a "legal documented" Florida resident, she would not be eligible for Medicaid help outside the emergency care in hospital for stroke. I would suggest that if this is the case, roldan can contact a local church to see if they have volunteers available or advocacy groups that help undocumented individuals to get services they are not eligible for through regular channels. Florida like Texas has become strict about eligibility for services due to a booming population but a busted tax base.
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Why has Medicaid turned down your mother's application? Does she have too many assets? Too much income? Has she given away resources in the past 5 years? How long ago did you apply?
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Was your mother in the hospital with her stroke? She should not have been discharged without a plan for her care - if so call the social worker at the hospital
If not maybe call your city's senior center - they may be able to refer you to services
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