She currently has medicare part a & b, a spend down for medicaid and a supplemntal prescription plan through AARP/United Healthcare.

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So is she on MediCARE & MedicAID?
If that is the case most of the secondary insurance policies won't do a policy or the policy is kinda worthless as they will only pay for what Medicare and Medicaid doesn't as a supplemental and you have to do paperwork for reimbursement . You should look at the premium cost and what they will actually pay after Medicare and Medicaid pays. Also look to see if the providers are limited to a certain hospital group or health care group - like in my area Ochsner Hospital has a pretty good senior supp. program BUT it has to be doc or services within their system to co-pay at all. So if you go to the cardiologist at Tulane there is no copay or discount for that doctor and any procedures he orders as Tulane has it's own system.

My mom had MediCARE and a BlueCrossBS policy for decades, the BCBS was great high option federal retiree one and paid for all that medicare didn't. The premium was automatically taken out of her retirement annuity. She went into a NH a couple of years ago and is on Medicaid. About a year ago, her BCBS policy got suspended as Medicaid is now her secondary policy and Medicaid pays before BCBS. So the amount each month that was taken out of her retirement for her BCBS premium is now "income". She now has some items that are not covered 100% by Medicaid &/or Medicare but the amount is small which I pay or pay out of her personal needs allowance of $ 60 a month. A good NH will gear the vendors to be ones that accept the payment that Medicare or Medicaid pays but there always is something that is costly and not covered by the "Medi's".

Do your research and figure if it is worth it.
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