I've taken care of my grandmas meds for the last 15yrs. I'm a single mother & Live across the street from them. My mother has put me in jail illegally shut my utilities off, closed &are opened my gmas bank accounts spread lies to everyone about me even family, takes my gmas meds with her & doesn't give her the right ones when she takes Coumadin, meclizine for vertigo, lorazepam. My mother is trying to keep me away from her so she won't be able to fix the situation. I need an attorney desperately....I've got the advanced directives poa notorized I just don't want to say anything until I'm lawyered up. My whole life gma has said she wants to remain in her home. She's not incompetent but not giving memory meds hurts that person more. I've got videos &epics of what's going on, I just don't trust calling apps because I'd hate for my actions to get her taken from us. I need an emergency protective order& I recently found out the reason my small town cops aren't doing anything to my mother us because she's having sexual relations with an officer. I've taken my daughter to stay with my father until my utilities are on, she needs to be with me & I with her. My mother gets all her mail &sometimes mine as well. She unplugs her phone and locks her inside. Please someone refer me to attorney I have faith there's one that can fix all this but all of this is really wearing on me I've gotten the shingles and pink eye from all this not to mention my mother has called my family physician &he's been hesitant to give me my anxiety meds even after I've taken &spastic 3drug tests for him. I'm desperate please help.

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Ask close friends if they can refer you to an attorney. The several times I've needed a lawyer I asked around for referrals and I've always had good luck with that.
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Sad. This is a lot of family drama. Call APS, but know that you may not be in a credible position given you have a record. Honestly, it may be too late for this generation.....concentrate on being a good mother, not relying on your mother and raising your daughter without this sort of sick family drama.
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