My sister was in charge off her finances. After her mother's death she did not produce her will so that she would not have to reinburse Medicare. My mother's estate stayed with my sister. Can Medicare be contacted over this?

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Medicare is the federal insurance program for those of us who have reached a certain age. It does NOT get reimbursed. If you are speaking of MedicAID, they DO, and trust me, they won't need you notifying them about anything to go in and get their money. Wills are almost always required to be filed in probate court in your county, so are public documents (there are exceptions; some estates are too small to require your doing much of anything; Trusts do not have to be filed). You have to, if you are designated as the executor, get papers from the Court called "letters testamentary" to distribute a will, to take to banks.
It is my hope for you that you will move on with a good life and stop worrying about the past. I am sorry that there was a breach between you, your mother and your sister. That makes grieving very difficult. Often we choose anger so we do not have to feel mourning. I wish you luck.
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No, you do not reimburse Medicare. Its something you pay into from ur payroll check. Your entitled to it. Its a Health insurance.

Medicaid is another thing. You have to pretty much have no money to receive it. All assets are spent down. So, unless there is a house, you have nothing for Medicaid to recoup.

So seems sister has her information confused. If she is executor she needs to probate Moms will. Even if Medicare was to be paid back beneficiaries are entitled to the balance of the estate. If she won't probate the Will you may need to consult with a lawyer.
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