Some dementia - memory problems, so maybe a timer. She wants the comfort of a warm glow but also needs to heat a smallish sitting room with it. Want something that will be comforting but won't be a fire hazard as she can be unsteady.

The ALF my mother lives in doesn't even allow heating pads, never mind electric fireplaces! I seriously doubt such a thing would be permitted as even toasters are a no-no in most places, especially when dementia is at play, since it can worsen from one day to the next. Ask the director before you purchase anything!
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Lots of options but I would pick one that does have a timer. The question is would she remember how to set the timer, how to turn it on?
Can the heat in her room be adjusted?
And I would check to see if the facility has any regulations about heaters. This might be something the fire department prohibits.
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You better check with the facility/landlord to see if this is allowed. These can be a fire hazzard.
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