The person that has legal control of mom’s care is not doing her job. She can only see her one time per week. Mom cannot or will not feed herself, take care of her cats, the house is infested with mice and there are no safety features in the bathroom. Mom is underweight, dehydrated, suffers from compression fractures and can’t remember to take her medicine regularly.

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Uh, no this person is not a caregiver. You need to get yourself there and get your mom a caregiver, not a 1x weekly to busy to bother person.

You are just as responsible for your moms lack of care because you know about the neglect and have done nothing to mitigate the damage.

Sorry to sound harsh, but your post pizzes me off that you know what the situation is and haven't put a stop to it.
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Sounds like you need another caregiver. Perhaps a facility is in order.
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Thank you. We live in California and the caregiver lives 20 minutes away in Illinois. The caregiver doesn’t realize the importance of the situation and is too busy with her life.
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try calling some agencies to report elder abuse? in my county its under "Aging and Adult Services." or adult protective services in your area.
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