My mother lives alone April through December then lives in Florida with me mid December to the end of March. My sister provides meals April through December, I of course as a retired nurse try extensively to have her eat right, drink water, exerciser when in Florida and I encourage the same when back in PA. She usually throws away most of what my sister provides and eats crackers, cheese, lots of bread, cereal and sweets, sweets, sweets. As a results she has very high blood sugars and extremely low blood sugars. She takes long acting and short acting insulin four times a day. She has been diabetic over 50 years. Despite repetitive education about bedtime snacks, she will not eat a lot of times if her blood sugar is high and then crashes with a low blood sugar. Her memory is getting bad but even when she was with me 24/7 fights me regarding education on eating. I am at my wits end with her. We have asked her to move in with us and she fights that. I have POA, but she isn't incompetent yet! I am reconciled she will be found unconscious with a low blood sugar. Any suggestions? She doesn't have funds for a caregiver.

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Would she listen to a caregiver telling her what to eat, any more than she would listen to you?

I think you are what is categorized as WFC...waiting for a crisis. Think about Long term placement and whether it should be in Florida or near your sister.

Research available Assisted Living and nursing homes in both locations. Will she need Medicaid? Can you start gathering the financial documentation necessary for that?
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