My mother (91) is having trouble with UTI's. Is there a product I can use? -

My mother (91) is having trouble with UTI's. Is there a product I can use?


After each bathroom use to help prevent this from happening.

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Dwilley, Waiting for op to come back.
Are you looking for cleaning the area;
Preventing by medications and natural means;
Treating for pain, urgency?

What is she able to do on her own?
Does she have dementia?

Has she been to the doctor?
What did the doctor say?

Has she had a course of antibiotics? Finished it properly?
Did she return to the doctor?
Were the antibiotics followed up with treatment to prevent yeast infection?

Is there any blood?
Has there been another positive urinalysis test; with a culture and sensitivity done to determine the correct antibiotic to give?

Has the doctor recommended a prophylactic antibiotic?

Does she shower or bathe? Is she leaving soap behind?
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Definitely get 100% juice otherwise the cranberry cocktail stuff is just high fructose corn syrup
I dilute with water
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My Dad will drink the cranberry juice if it is mixed with orange juice. One can probably buy it already mixed with other flavors.
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I just remembered something: my father has frequent urinary infections over the past couple of years due to penile and suprapubic Foley catheters in place, which bring more bacteria into the bladder and urethra. I was giving him about 4 oz of 100% cranberry juice every day or every other day to prevent infection, and he went through a period of 8 months where his home nurses mistakenly didn't change his SP cath and he didn't get an infection once during that time. I can ONLY attribute that to the cranberry juice.

I have to order a case of the juice because I can't find it in local grocery or health stores. My dad doesn't care for the taste but he gets the small cup of it down just fine. I suppose you could add artificial sweetener (not sugar) and some water to the juice to make it more palatable, or go with the capsules. I've never used the capsules but that seems like a good option.
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Cranberry juice has indeed had lots of respectable write-ups. The theory is that certain compounds specific to cranberries cling to the bladder wall and the urethra and make the area less hospitable to bacteria.

If your mother doesn't like the taste of cranberry juice, you can get gelatine capsules of cranberry extract. I used to give them to my mother; and later on when she found them harder to swallow I found I could soften them slightly in plain water without their bursting. I'm not going to claim this is a scientific endorsement, but my mother didn't get many uti's, all things considered.
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Flushable wipes help, and a warm washcloth front to back before bedtime
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The thing you need to do is give her cranberry juice. Every day. It cannot cure a UTI, but it will prevent one,

Give her lots of liquids. Dehydration can contribute to UTI ... And lots of cranberry juice.
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Hm. I used to wipe my grandmother with a baby wipe after bathroom use, and also keep her body hair trimmed (sorry for TMI, just being direct), in order to prevent UTIs. There are antibacterial wipes you could use, and that would be even better.
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