Mother is 94. She was taken off of hospice care in January into the regular care of her geriatric physician who comes to the house every other month. He was here last week and said she was doing well despite the fact that she has not been eating much. She has gone from eating on her own to being spoon fed within a week. She was able to go to the bathroom with her walker but now has no strength to get out of bed. The doctor prescribed mirtazapine, which made her totally dopey and after one dose decided to not give her this horrible drug. I can't seem to understand what my mother is trying to say and she gets frustrated with me and very angry. I have caregivers during the day who are a big help. I feel like taking care of someone with so many issues that are beyond my capability. I call the doctor for help and guidance but he never returns my calls. I know this office is understaffed but who can I call to help? This is the only geriatric department that makes house calls.

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Demstress, who made the decision to discharge your mother from hospice care, and why? What were the reasons?

If you can, I should go back to them and ask for a reassessment. If there has been some kind of medical event since the geriatrician saw your mother a week ago, and his next visit isn't for more than another week, you do need access to medical and nursing care meanwhile and he just ain't giving it. It's not fair on you and it's not good enough for a 94 year old lady.
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Urinary Tract Infections can also cause changes in a person's cognitive and physical status.  Your Mom needs to be evaluated by a doctor ASAP to determine the cause/reason (Stroke/UTI/Depression/Failure to Thrive?) for her decline and what needs to be done to treat her.
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Demstress; Mirtzapine is the gentlest antidepressant out there. One dose is not a fair trial.

Did you discontinue Hospice or was mother dropped because the "graduated"?

As above, if there has been a sudden change in her mental status and ability to make herself understood, think "stoke" and call 911.

And once she's at the hospital, ask for a social worker's help in getting her placed.
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Since you took her off hospice, it means that you want all means necessary to keep her alive. That means you are responsible to bring her back to the hospital. You do hear on the doctor office greeting that if there is a medical emergency to call 911, right? You are responsible for making those decisions. She IS failing to thrive. I do not understand why you took her off of hospice where you had supports to keep her comfortable. Changing doctors will mean that you most likely need to drive her there.
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mally1 Mar 8, 2019
I thought she meant hospice took her off (maybe because she was no longer considered terminal?) If so, different issue....
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If you have notice that your mom is not speaking the way she was and there are some physical decline all of a sudden than you need to get her to the hospital. As JoAnn stated your mom might of had a stroke. Her symptoms could also be mirtazapine, but it is hard to tell therefore, she needs to be seen by a Dr.
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Your Mom may have had a stroke. If this doctor cannot return you calls within 24 hours, get another doctor.
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