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I am assuming rehab. If she has gone past the 20 days Medicare pays 100% for then Mom is now paying out of pocket. If she can't afford it tell them she has no money. I did this when Mom went to rehab after a 4 day stay in the hospital. Pt was just to get her strength back.Told admitting there was no money pasted the 20 days. She was discharged at 18 days.
They can't force u to stay. As long as Medicare pays they will keep Mom. Medicare determines how long the person stays.
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Who will not release her...from where..?
Difficult to answer without more detailed information.
If she is hospitalized she will not be released until the doctors say she is ready.
If you provide more information it might be easier to answer.
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That's an impossible question for anyone here without more information and even then we would just be speculating. The people to ask are the people caring for her, if she is in the hospital or rehab have a meeting with her care team and ask questions until you fully understand what they are thinking and why. Rest assured though that if insurance is covering her stay it is not easy for a facility to just keep her without good reason. We had the opposite problem with my mom, she needed to stay longer to get intensive speech therapy after her stroke and her therapists/care team all agreed she was improving still and it would be best for her but because of the way guidelines were written at the time she was doing too well in all other ways and insurance wouldn't allow them to keep her (well I suppose if we paid out of pocket she could have stayed but...)!
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AlvaDeer Aug 19, 2019
I so agree. It is not easy for Rehab to get coverage. They must prove that the person can make further improvement in their opinion. Once the level they believe CAN be reached IS reached, they are very quick to discharge.
Agree also that they are the ones who can answer, rather than us.
But it's good to hear she is progressing so well.
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