My 80 yr old Mother has been in and out of the hospital after several accidents after being cared for at several different Nursing Home/Rehab facilities in Texas after undergoing two knee replacement surgeries over the past year. Twice her right knee replacement has become dislocated, after her tendon in her knee snapped into after undergoing Physical Therapy, now for the 2nd time her Ortho doctor called me and said she needs a 2nd repairative operation. Inbetween hospital visits and being moved from another facility this happened, she fell while at the last home, and broke two vertabrae in her back. Ever hear of this many injuries occurring in the course of less than a year? One home in particular she was in, I asked the State to investigate, but am very worried about her care, at any of them, out there. They all seem to be too rough with my Mom during her Therapy which keeps leading to her needing to hospitalized, over and over.

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Doloresesgirl1, it is common for older people to fall. Once we get to a certain age our balance isn't as great as when we were young. Our eyesight isn't as good, thus we can misstep. Some meds can make us light-headed or dizzy.

My very elderly Mom was falling several times a week at long-term-care. She was physically not able to walk or even stand-up but in her mind she thought she could. Due to State laws, nursing homes cannot tie down the patients. I know the Staff tried their best to keep Mom in her bed, wheelchair or geri-recliner but Mom was an escape artist.

Even if you have a room full of nurses and aides, an elder will find someway to fall in a blink of an eye.
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Is your Mom being kept in a wheelchair or is walking around? If in a wheelchair they are allowed to put a alarm on the chair to alert employees she is trying to get out. Has your Mom been checked for obstreperous? It could be her bones are so brittle that any kind of fall she breaks something. Your Mom can't keep going thru operations. At her age going under for a length of time will contribute to Dementia or make Dementia worse. You need to find out what saftey measures the facility uses. By law, they are not allowed to restrain. Maybe Mom needs a lower bed with a mat on the floor. My Mom has a concave mattress that makes it hard for her to get out of bed.
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