I was told if she pays her rent that would disqualify her from receiving Medicaid The apartment complex will evict her and take all her assets in 3 days if she doesn't pay her rent.

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Your mom is in a NH, has cancer and is applying for Medicaid so that she can stay in the NH. Is she expected to return to her apartment after some period of treatment?

Is her apartment a regular apartment, or senior supported living place, like Independent Living, Assisted Living or the like?
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Sorry...I just saw that she is in a nursing home...AND paying rent in an apartment complex. Wait..where is she actually living? Nursing home or apartment complex.?

You post makes no sense. If she is in the nursing home...why is she paying rent for an apartment? What?
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Report are wrong. Paying money for her own needs is allowed under Medicaid rules.

That would be like also thinking she cannot buy food to eat without disqualifying herself.

Pay the rent. The application to Medicaid is usually facilitated by the nursing home. When will she move to a NH? If she is eligible to be in a NH...she should move immediately. landlord could ever take a tenants assets. And for sure never in 3 days could a landlord evict.

Everything about the "facts" you were told is wrong.

Go see an attorney that specializes in elder law. Get the real facts.
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