we elected to let brother in law be executor , my husband went to the bank cashed out the CD's and made the amount into cashiers check and sent to brother to be added to the funds to be split even;y between brother andsister and hubsand ,, well 1 brother in law was told off top 2 k goes to me ( I was the only to care for the mother and clear up and close out the house ) husband thaough I should be given something I asked 5 K to be sent to acct at out vet for mother in laws cats , when brother in law was here he agreed to all this and when he got home (minnisota) he only sent $1300. so my hubby said take balance of $1000.00 out of his cash, mind you they said 5K too much for the cat's ( ea 14= yro) hey vet bill can add up for older cat's ,,, anyways we've been waiting brother in law say's he has to pay the taxes,, What no tax on inheartance under so many millions,, but yes ther might be on the IRA and CD's but say 10% we've been waiting he suddley stop talking to us not answer calls so on ,, we got a hold of him and when question he say off handley the moneys gone because of taxes What ! 70k on 25K in cd's and 45 irs no way he said it'son his income like he erned it ,, so now we feel he's full on liying and he's taken the money ,,, what can we do our we out of luck do we get atty , has he broke the law and can be charged with the embeseling of the money we our self's have no $ and sister in law does not know yet waht is going on , the thin my husband was the last one on the acct as IFB but say 5 yrs before she passed mother took him off one acct but bank was giving all to him because he was last one on she played games with the $ changing who was on the bank being if she was pissed at you or what ,, mind you her daughter had not spoke to her in 30 years and husbands brother cut her off 9 + years ago ,, husband and self stuck by her it wall hell she was a hard to deal with ,,, so what do we do I love to throw him in jail , or make him take the money out of his house and give sister and my husband their share ,,, we've been made sick by all this we know in past brother was not trust worthy but we thought he'sd grown up and changed has good job and he and his wife make good $

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Pamstegma, thank you for your response and that you say that about the one acct in my husband name I think your right , I told my husband that his mother set that aside just for him,as we have struggled always with money,
such is our life but we have clear hearts hug back at you
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Any accounts that have named beneficiaries do not pass through the estate. So if the accounts were joint accounts with your husband as the survivor, there was absolutely no reason to send anything to the Executor. Get a lawyer, the whole estate is being mishandled.
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