She has COPD and is very anxious which I’ve been saying she needs to get meds to help her. Can my sister in law prevent her from using the phone? We would like to check in with her daily and the phone continues to ring with no answer. Now when she does answer my sister in law is in the room and my MIL says I can’t talk now. She doesn’t have a safety pendant and if home alone at times and I’m really concerned. My husband is not a POA and my sister in law says it’s none of his business when he asks questions because he isn’t the POA. We just want her to be safe and talk to her daily. We are very concerned for her well being and safety. Do we have the right to be concerned? My mother in law said she wants a phone so she can talk to people.

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Your husband is her son, and of course he has a right to be concerned. Is there any problem about visiting, so that you can both get a better idea about how things are working out in SIL's home? It sounds as though SIL and your husband don't get on. Addressing that issue would be the most constructive way forward. Any ideas on that?
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Is your MIL able to make decisions on her own? If so, the POA is not in effect. It becomes in effect when a person can no longer handle their finances and cannot make informed decisions. Your SIL maybe her caretaker but she cannot make decisions for her. You could ask APS to investigate and make sure Mom is OK.
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