Father in law passed in a March and the House sits , she has muddled mortgage last 6 months and is now ill has been hospitalized for 35 days looking at long term skilled nursing aka nursing home. Medicare will cover day 1-20 of the home is going to be unpaid and go into foreclosure will this be an asset that will impede her eligibility for Medicaid?

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Kenden - what could be an issue is legal residency...... Medicare is an overall federal program, so that Medicare card is good for your Doctor back home as well as going to the ER after your fall at Disney.

But for Medicaid, although it is joint federal & state program, it is administered by each state uniquely. The state is going to require that you are a resident of the state. How you do that varies by state. So you need to check MI website to see what’s needed. This will also affect the exempt vs. non exempt status of the home. Medicaid allows for them to own & keep their home as an exempt asset but it needs to be their primary residence & some states require a homestead exemption filed also.

The house is going to be a problem as long as she is considered to own it. Usually with foreclosures there is issued a Deed in lieu document that takes it from moms ownership to mortgage holder. Could be called something else, like dash-on. It sounds like mortgage knows there’s issues with property & maybe you have someone your speaking with there? I’d call to see what the timeline it looking like for house to move into & get done with foreclosure.

There could be some post foreclosure 1099-c issues in 2018 but if so it can be dealt with. To me You’ve got bigger problems to deal with....

Wow 35 days in hospital... she must be very very ill. Did anyone discuss how she is leaving the hospital? if she is discharged post hospitalization for “rehab”’ then her stay in a rehab wing of a NH will be covered by Medicare for a period of time. How long depends on how she progresses. Usually they get 21 days @100% and if ok for Rehab & progressing then up to 100 days at 80%; the 20% is a secondary policy, or private pay or Medicaid.
I’d be kinda concerned that she gets discharged with NO orders for rehab but just to skilled nursing care which won’t be covered by Medicare. You need to make sure she’s discharged to “rehab”.

Her being on rehab will buy you a bit ore time to sort through what’s needed to get her into MI systems and hopefully qualify for Medicaid. Btw Medicare rehab payment pays like double or triple what Medicaid ever pays, so NH will be fine if she’s a rehab paid resident

There’s some things you can try to do this week.... like get her mail all over to a new MI address; see if you as her dpoa can get her to open up a bank account in MI. Things to establishing residency. She’s probably too ill? to get to MI drivers license bureau so your gonna have to be creative. Also if you know which NH she is likely to go into, ask admissions for a printed list of the items needed to accompany the Medicaid application (her life insurance policies, her annual “awards letters” from SSA / pension, etc). The award letters are mucho importante, so if you can’t find them she’s going to have to request them and that will be sticky. So you can start fishing for all items on the list. Hopefully you won’t need someone to look for things back in the NV house

Remember neither you or hubs ever sign personally on any documents to be responsible. Always must be “Jim smith in his limited capacity as DPOA for Mary Louise Smith”. Good luck.... it will seem to be overwhelming. .
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