Mother in law does not have Medicare, what do we need to know?


We’re in Texas. My family moved in with my mother in law 6 years ago. Husband is her only child. I take care of her (she’s 86, disabled, so I cook, clean, run errands) but she doesn’t need nursing type care yet. Years ago she put hubby on her bank account but she still manages all her finances. She has a living will. My main concern is if she ever needs skilled nursing care. She doesn’t have Medicare because she never paid into SS. She’s a retired school teacher and has retirement and lifetime health insurance. Because this home is our only primary residence, if she were to need nursing home care beyond what I am able to provide, how will that work? She doesn’t have a lot of money set aside, but I assume nursing home care costs would come from that until depleted. Then any remaining balance would come from this house? In the form of a lien? Our names are not on the deed. Should we do that in order to protect our rights to this house?

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Lack of Medicare shouldn’t really be a problem, it’s medicaid that pays for nursing homes. Medicare would pay for short term stays.
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Just to make sure everything is in order so you can put your mind at ease, contact an Elder Law Attorney. A lot will not charge for the first half hour consultation. You need to know what you have to do, not only for Mom, but also for your own living arrangements. The attorney can help you fill out any forms and file them for you,,and also figure out the best way to make sure Mom is taken care of.
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