My MIL attempted suicide in an ind. living apt. for seniors. Advice?


She is getting help but they won't let her return even with doc's ok.

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It's so maddening that mental health issues still carry a stigma and are treated differently than physical health issues. It sounds as if the facility is just covering for themselves.

Check around and see if you can find another facility that is more flexible. Make certain that you are armed with the best documentation possible from the doctor.

Depending on your mother's physical health issues, you could also look into nursing homes.

Good luck with this painful problem. Please let us know you and your mother come through this.
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If your MIL had to go to the hospital because of congestive heart failure (for example) I'm sure the independent living wouldn't have a problem with her moving back in. What discrimination.

I hope her suicide attempt doesn't keep her out of other facilities. Best of luck to you both.
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Thank you for your answers. Doctors have been very helpful. I think we are figuring things out. I truly appreciate your responses!
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