My husband and I are retired and have our own health problems. She wants us to drop everything and take her to the doctor for the smallest of things. She has full medical coverage so to her going every week is nothing. Do I call her doctors or what do I do

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My parents also seemed to go to different Dr's all the time. When I moved them here a month ago I set up an apt with a PCD (also a gerontologist) and a cardiologist for Mom ( out of rehab for CHF) Turns out my PCD can handle almost everything..hooray!! If not, he will refer us..but he can handle the diabetes, derm., ALZ.. I had to get an eye dr and a dentist. Good to go on the cardiologist for 6 months.. Hopefull after all settles down and first visits over we wont be going every few weeks. I even was able to see some of thier meds cut out (blessing for all of us) I agree, talk to her PCD!
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Well let's see if I can come up with fourteen.
1 Cardiologist
2 Dermatologist.
4 Immunologist
5. Primary care
6. Podiatrist
7. Allergist
I'm half way there
10. Internal medicine
11. Psychiatrist
Only three more to go. I'm getting desperate
12. Audiologist (does that count?)
Can I come up with one more. Dentist is not fair and there are too many surgeons to count. I've got it
!4 Radiologist
As a spare I will include Geriantologist but I suspect she does not feel the need for one of those. I'm exhausted!
Just call a cab and send her off to her appointments
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Your MIL needs some other interests. Sounds like she's getting the attention she craves from doctors. Unless you have her Power of Attorney, the docs probably won't talk to you about your concerns. Does she have one primary care physician? I'd start with that doctor and explain the situation - send a letter ahead of time or call to speak with him/her privately. Do you currently go with her in the office when she sees the docs? What do the docs say?

I can't imagine anyone even having 14 different kinds of doctors to see! I hope one of them is a psychiatrist or psychologist because unless she's at death's door, I can't imagine anyone with that many kinds of physical complaints. Sounds like she needs other things to focus on (like some good volunteer work) and a limit to her physician shopping.
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