I am in California my parents are in Colorado. My father broke his back and is in the hospital my mother wants to stay but has sundowning episodes and the hospital has told my brother to keepher out of the hospital. She has locked herself in the house and won't let anyone in. The hospital has been no help they just told my brother to take care of it and we are trying to find someone to help him.

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Adult Protective services.
For when a vulnerable adult is in danger, they come out, assess the situation.
However, they're response may not be immediate, even though the sheriff or police do come out as part of the response.

One can also call the fire department who comes to the aid of so many varied calls, contrary to some people's beliefs, it's their jobs, and not just fires. Remember the fire department saves the cat in the tree? The more than willing firemen who came out for a photo-op with a veteran and former fire dept. volunteer for the fire department's 100-year anniversary commemorated album;
the helpful fire-men who draped a 90 year-old neighbor's roof in the rain-and were so happy to do it. Ambassadors of goodwill, as well as heros.

The post office: Some post offices have employees observe and report when a senior has not been seen, mail is piling up. One can ask a postal worker to go to the door-many seniors will answer the door for a package.

Is there a reason you have started a new question, "What is APS"? Will you be returning with an update to this, your original question so you can get the best help? Or will you be posting many more new questions without the backstory?
How can we best help you, s3jkmom?
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Enlist the help of a neighbor she knows in a non-emergency, take some coffee-cake by for a visit.
Or, some 'get well flowers' in a basket, see if she will open the door to talk.
The goal being first to make contact.
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Well, you cannot call 911 from where you are, so when Babalou said call 'in her community' that means the regular number, not 911.

Your brother can call 911 for a welfare check of a vulnerable adult.
Or, he can call APS to do an assessment, because if there is no acute distress, the EMS may not help.

Let us know because there will be advice for the next step in getting your Mom some help.
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Call the police department in your mother's community. Have them send EMTs to the jouse to transport her to the ER.
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