My mother has had a stroke. She is completely deaf in the left ear and has maybe 10% hearing in her right. She doesn't hear the phone ringing, doesn't hear ppl talking to her while sitting next to them. She misinterprets things ppl say. Distorts conversations and is now accusing her neighbors son or mistreatment of his mother. She also at night hears ppl knocking at her door. Not happening. She calls the police out to come check things out. Nothing. She hears crying, yelling, screaming that she thinks is coming from neighbors. There have been visitors to her apartment while some of these things are going on, they hear nothing. Her sisters, my aunts had the same things happen to them as they got older. One of her sisters, thought she had someone living in her attic, taking a shower, stealing laundry detergent and sugar. There was no one there. The other sister whose husband had passed away, she was there when he passed, she watched him die of leukemia so she knew he was dead! But funeral time came and she said that wasn't him in the casket. Then she said he married one of his nurses and was a air conditioning repairman in a nearby town. She said she had seen him. I know this has to be something genetic. Mother WILL NOT SEE A DOCTOR REGARDING THIS BEHAVIOR! She thinks the family thinks she is crazy. She gets angry and says yall should stay and listen for yourselves. I am not crazy! It is happening. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO! I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS! IT IS GETTING TO WHERE IT IS DAILY SOMETHING NEW. She calls the neighbors asks them did they hear the noise or see the person at her door. I am dumbfounded plz someone help me!!! Plz give me a direction to go! What do I do? Thank you for your help!!!

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I'm so sorry. This may be dementia but you are right, there could be another genetic mental illness involved. Whatever it is, only a doctor can help. Does she refuse to go to a doctor for any reason at all? Sometimes, people can get someone to a doctor for a regular checkup or to to get a prescription renewed, and then write the doctor ahead of time about the other symptoms so the doctor is informed.. Once in the physician's office, there is a better chance of getting help.
I would call her doctor and ask what can be done to get her to a point where she can be helped. It would be sad to forcibly hospitalize her, but her life is pretty awful the way it is. Maybe the doctor will be able to present you with local options where you can get her help even though she fights it. My heart goes out to you and the rest of the family. These situations are awful.
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