Mother has gotten impossible, and the nursing home and hospital are tired of her. I'm the only one advocating for her and I want to give up, but I won't. What should I do?

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My 91 year old mother is impossible and has been trying to escape the ALF off and on for 3 l/2 years. Luckily she is in a small house ALF in Florida. Medications can be a great help to calm them - antidepressants, clonopin (anti-anxiety), haloperiodal (anti-psychotic). I'm in the process of trying to get the dr to give my mother something stronger so she will stay calm and not be a bother. She tries to recruit caretakers and other family members visiting to help her escape. Luckily, the people that run the home have been very supportive - they have 5 homes in Florida. They need the money and have put up with her so far and I try to help them all I can to relieve some of their burden. Tell this to her dr. now and see if she can get calmed down and talk with the nursing home and tell them you will do whatever they suggest to get her to behave better. For me right now its not calling... only stirs her up. thought of that or not visiting??? when they miss us they obsess about us instead of themselves or the home.
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