Does she know something I don't know?

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She might. My mother started doing the same thing giving me the title to her truck, the ladybird deed, a few other things, told me where the family album was, shared her cheesecake recipe (which she never done) with me.

I posted on this forum something like "I'm confused" and some of the people stated that my mother might figure that her time in life is coming to an end, and that she wants to get things in order. Others stated, that she was getting things in order in case something does happen.

It is really hard to tell if our LO knows the end is coming, or if our LO just wants to get things in order in case something happens.

Personality, I think their are people who get to a point in life were they know their time is coming. Where that point is and/or how they know, don't know, but they do!

Sorry that I didn't help much. Just do what I do, go along with it. Listen to her, and help when she needs it. Make sure you tell her how you feel.

I am sure others here will be more helpful.

God bless you.
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