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Have you reported to the psychiatrist that she is unrelentingly negative, at least to you?
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You say Mom has Dementia. Just maybe part of it. You cannot reason with her so don't try.
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If it's just too depressing to listen to, don't listen. Put on music, and use ear plugs - some people just talk and talk, and don't even register if you are listening (or wearing ear plugs). If 'negative' means that she is complaining about you, just leave. Say you will come back when she is feeling better. And don't start with 'How are you?' when you first see her - 'It's a lovely day outside' or 'the news made me laugh last night' gets things going on a better note .
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If you can afford it on a regular basis, bring her a few roses each day or week and place it in a vase on the table. In the summer, plant a rose bush so you can give her flowers frequently. If she likes music, play her favorite tunes but most of all just listen to what she has to say on why she is depressed. You do not have to comment or give her your opinion. Go to the afternoon matinee movie and ask her what she thinks about the storyline. Let her talk. Eventually she will tell you. After 5 years, mom becomes depressed when she thinks about her son who passed away. As soon as she tells me the story, i come over with a sweet potato pie (frozen/heated) and UNO cards. After a few games, i praise her for being the Champion/the queen of the game and i am a scrub. I hope this helps.
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