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After my mother's hip replacement surgery she sometimes had problems with the blanket getting pushed to the bottom of the bed where she couldn't reach it from a reclined position. We used a strong binder clip to attach a long (maybe 8ft?) strip made from a old queen sheet to one corner of the covers (sheet and quilt) then tied the other end to the headboard on the side next to the wall. Mom could use the strip to pull the covers back up where she could reach them. Occasionally the binder clip would come off if the cover got into too much of a bind.

I'm not sure this would work with a dementia patient - might be concerned she would get the strip wrapped around her neck or an arm or even her feet when trying to get up.
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I will leave the blanket in a U shape around her feet, so that she can just pull it over her if she gets cold at night.
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I don’t know of anything motorized that would help her. What about stitching a big loop in the corner of her blanket? She could use that to help her pull it back up.
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does she have a nite light in her room? maybe its too dark and she cant see where to pull up the blanket
I got my mom a night lite at walmart. it is set on 'low' light at dusk(auto on). but when it senses (motion detector) movement, it gets brighter.
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