My three siblings want to put my mother in a nursing home.

She does not want this and neither do I.

She is in a rehabilitation center at the present.

How can I help her be returned to the home that we both share.

I really need some good advice to help my poor mother.

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So your mom was taken to the hospital because she was underwight and weak. Was the cause of the weakness uncovered during her hospital stay? Is she getting physical therapy at rehab which will be continued aat the NH? Does she have any underlying medical conditions?

If your mom's physical condition deteriorated while she was in your care at home, that may be an indication that it would not be a good care situation for her to return to. It may be that what she needs right now is three shifts of professional caregivers, not one worn out child.

Perhaps your mom needs to be in the NH for a couple of months to get back to tip top health. Can you pitch the idea to her that way?
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Your profile says that your mother suffers from "age related decline". Patients are not accepted into nursing homes for age related decline. They need, at the very least to be " chronic and stable" with their physical maladies and unable to do some of their activities of daily living ( adl's).

Please talk to the discharge department at the hospital and find out what her documented medical and mental conditions are. They would not be recommending NH care if it were not necessary.
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