She says that no one talks to her. She is bored. She sleeps a lot during the day and walks at night. Is this the way of end of life?

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Thanks so much for your responses. The staff says that she does well with activities but, not much interacting with others. I visit her at various times and sometimes she is sitting with the group. However, she is often asleep. Freqflyer you're right. She is fitting in better than I perceived. She has bee there for 6 months.
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Hi. How long has she been there? If it is recent, you need to give her 3 weeks to develop a routine and stay away, during that time. It is reminiscent of dropping a kid off at camp.
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Finativegal, is that what your Mom is telling you or is that what the Staff is telling you about your Mom?

If it is Mom telling you this, that is quite common. Do you visit your Mom on a set schedule? If so, try visiting off schedule. I remember reading on the forums here where some grown children had visited off schedule only to find their parent in the middle of an activity enjoying themselves, and/or finding them in the main dining room dining with other residents.
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