My mother has dementia and regularly complains of itching/pain in her vaginal area. We have made several attempts to have her examined but with no success. Based on a quick look the gynecologist had, she saw some irritation (possible lichen sclerosis) and prescribed a vaginal cream for her to apply daily. The cream provides temporary relief but she still complains that it itches and hurts so bad. She has allowed me to take a peek at her vaginal area and it has no color and looks very irritated. When I consulted back with her gynecologist she said she would have to be sedated and seen at a hospital for a thorough pelvic exam. My mom doesn't like anyone touching her. It is extremely difficult to have blood drawn and she won't even allow technicians to give her an EKG because she says it hurts. Forget going for an x-ray...she just isn't comfortable with any of it. We give her Xanax to relax her before her doctor's exam/test. It calms her slightly but not enough to have her cooperate fully with the doctor/nurses/technicians. At her last doctor's visit, they could not even draw her blood. She generally does OK with everything else but the visits to the doctor are getting harder and harder on her. I just don't know what to do. Any advice?

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You may have to step it up to Ativan and Valium, sorry. If you let the infection become systemic, she is in serious jeopardy. Work with the MD to get it done.
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