My grandmother has had 2 hip replacements and uteral cancer. She asked my mother to move in with her 10 years ago. They split the utilities and my mother even paid rent. My grandma could not drive herself anywhere and had minimal abilities when it came to food. She couldn't even open a bottle of water. However, she had her mind and was capable of using the restroom etc, yet needed help showering.

My mother has 2 siblings with stable lifestyles (homes, finances etc). They have been splitting the inheritance 3 ways and are coming to the house. Should my mom be able to fight for ownership of the house, since she doesn't own one of her own? She has never been compensated for her work for my grandma. My two aunts are trying to get mom to not have as much money as they receive saying that she benefited from living with my grandma.

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The time to be compensated for providing services is when those services are provided. If there was no written agreement about how your mother was to be compensated for caring for your grandma, I doubt very much that Mom can succeed with a claim against the estate. Similarly, I doubt very much that the siblings could succeed in claiming the Mother owes the estate for the so-called benefits of living in the house.

I am certainly not a lawyer of any kind, but I can't see what grounds either party would have for making claims at this late date.
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