My sister won’t leave my moms condo and get a job so she is staying here in Ohio with me not letting me fix my foot cause then her stay would be over after foot was fixed. Then she would be forced to go home to her condo to be a grown woman in one room condo with bathroom. I was sacrificed cause I have a small house in Ohio with my animals. My sister made my sister come here after I told her she could come here and work. There was more room but she would have to work. Nope, mom came instead. Turned her condo over to my sister, pays her bills cause she won’t work, so my mom comes here bitter and mad she had to leave her house. My sister filled my mother with so much guilt from a child, my mom is weak when it comes to my sister. I’m too nice, I won’t fight or yell. My sister would. Mom at home with my sister will force my sister out to work but can’t. Now she has bills, 3000 a month, no work no job not paying any living expenses at my mother's. My sister tapped into my mothers money to shuffle her payments around to use my mothers cash, now she CAN'T hold down job. I get screwed over cause I did sacrifice for my mother and sister. Now if I die my assets will help fund my sister and mother the rest of their lives. What do I do now? She turned my house upside down, took over my house, my pets training, treats me like I’m staying in her house, I think she resents the fact that my sister is. It like me and she is carrying her not me but tries to add her crap she does for my sister onto me evening out her giving to my sister like I’m part of her money troubles. I pay my own bills except kerosene in winter cause my sister said she would get new furnace on my mortgage trust her. Wrong, she cost me my money for new furnace and then some. Mom to keep warm other than that I pay everything except dog food cat food, mom gets it costing me more money to live with my mom here. Double water, too much food, more power, more poop in septic. mom thinks she should not help suck out or help with car up keep I’m her chaufer. My sister got me in hospital so my mother can be alone in my house cause it’s been so long mom had time alone, she deserves it. Not my fault I’m not living at moms. I was abandoned at 13 in hotel after I told my mother her boyfriend was molesting me, same one that caused my dad's suicide. Left me alone but I’m caring for the ones who left me to die on the street, my mother her boyfriend my older sister left me alone no epeleptic medication I got 8 hours in hotel room so she can talk to the man that molested me never came to pick me up gave my older sister a rented apartment when she left home dropped out high school two weeks before her graduation. I’m baby I was in way of my moms sex drugs rock and roll living single with married man, two girls of his own but dumped her child for his. I was left like a stray dog taken out to picnic left behind as they pack up take off only thing is I knew where dhe was at called on the phone he yelled hang up on that little jagoff my mom hung up the phone for sex relationship with him over her 13 year old girl that ran to her for help. My friend said don’t tell on him she will believe him I should went to police station, my mistake I went to my mother my life distroyed she is a hoarder has my house so DESTROYED, not cleaning takes out pig dog what she was to do so I could have surgery so if she does that she is here justifys it but I’m not getting surgry so she can go home we were to go back to chicago together after my divorce but my sister won’t have me move back thinner than her in my own house her still in my moms one room condo. she refuses to help unless I dump house start over just like her she said my mom always protecting my sisters feeling of failure coming from being lazy not working her mate of 40 years kicked her out after trying to kill her mom is protecting her dhe don’t even care of the one that busted her but for roof over my head. I don’t live over my means I live always lived humble not like my mom sister cause I was on the street

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Your profile says Mom has a Dementia. If so, then how is she going to help you. Are you really going to need help? Will u have rehab?

I would send Mom back and find another way. Seems you owe her nothing. Tell her she needs to evict her daughter and take back her home.
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Get your surgery. Then send your mom back to the mess she has created. You are obviously not doing well with this stuff and you alone have the power to change the situation. You could even send her packing before the surgery and hire someone to come help you rehab. You don't have to depend on her.

You don't have to stay in touch with these people. You can tell them to jog on and live your life. Your mom has shown you what she feels for you, believe her. She doesn't get to control and use you unless you allow it.

If you are worried that they will get all of your money when you die, create a will that leaves all of your money to a charity. Have an attorney named as your executor and leave mom and sibling 1 dollar each or specify that your intention is to leave them nothing, name them by their full legal names, this way they have no hope of changing your wishes for your assets, your will will be carried out.

You have given your mom way to much control, take it back and send her back to her home. It doesn't matter what you have, it is NOT their's and you don't have to prop them and their bs up.

Oh, there are jobs everywhere. Both your mom and her little suck can get a job. They don't because you lay down and let them walk on you. Stand up and take care of your own life without them.
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