My husand, son and I moved into my Mom's home in Aug. 2007. She is unable to care for herself and has some form of dementia(possibly alzhiemers). My main problem is she blames my son for everything, whether he's at fault or not. She also will tell him he can watch something on the TV and then will change it 1/2 way through. I'd like to hear any ideas on how to help my son deal with Grandma's behavior.

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could your son possibly have a room or 2 that is his private area to play, read, color and watch tv? even if it's a little area at the bottom of the basement steps all cleaned up and arranged especially for him. grandma will have to realize that he too is entitled to his privacy. as long as nothing is too loud and distracting she may get use to him in his private area. maybe a gate or dutch-door could help get the idea started. persistance should prevail but they should both be reminded how much they love each other. good luck, you sound like a caring daughter and mother. your husband must be proud. hopefully grandma will get use to this little person in her life, especially if he can color her some pretty pictures for her to hang up. good luck, sooz
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