93 y/o post stroke, post hospital, post rehab. Moved to AL a month after rehab. Was doing ok in rehab EXCEPT for stripping all the time, except when eating or at PT or watching TV. Also developed seizures secondary to stroke. On meds for seizures. Was weak, fatigued at times. Seemed to dress/undress many, many times a day due to anxiety? Rehab doc referred to psychiatrist, psychiatrist referred to neurologist who prescribed Seroquel for anxiety. Seemed to sleep better and not undress or tear at or tear up clothes. Also has uterine CA being treated with megace. At this time too frail for hysterectomy which had been recommended several months prior to stroke. Could not decide on surgery and then BOOM, the stroke. Admitted to hospital recently for heavy bleeding, had blood transfusions and radiation treatments. Now to be followed by palliative care team. Can no longer walk nor stand as was when entered AL. Screams, bites and scratches staff when they move her to clean or reposition. Then shr tells them she's not in pain and apologies. Told me she does not feeling well but can not articulate reason. Any suggestions? Time to call in hospice? Staff and family exhausted mentally and emotionally.

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Others in your position have mentioned that consulting with a geriatric psychiatrist has been helpful.
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