My father is not in good condition either and not able to care for her. I go everyday and do what I can do. I take her to all doctors appointments and do all the grocery shopping for them... I take care of writing out the checks for the.monthly bills. I make her nedicine up a week in advance and ny dad gives it to her. She has copd... End stage... And dementia.. Im asuming... Shes gets really confused and sees things that arent there. Shes having crying spells often.. I dont know what else I can do for them?

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Would your mother be eligible for hospice? Call a local organization and request an evaluation.
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Narrow in on your Dad, if he is unable to physically and emotionally unable to care for your Mom 24- hours a day it is time to seriously think of another level of care.... either by hiring caregivers to come in to take care of both parents, or to move your Mom to long term care.

If you parents can afford it, find a community where both can move, and maybe in the same room [not sure how that would be emotionally for your Dad to keep witnessing what sounds like dementia, it would age him quickly]... or Mom be in one section of the community and your Dad in another but close enough that he can visit Mom easily... and make new friends, buddies he can talk to and be in activities.

My parents are in separate locations.... Mom is in long term care, and Dad still live in their home. Dad has 24-hour caregivers [it's very expensive] and he is doing well now.
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