My mother is only 47, but she is going through menopause, so I think that is the root of these problems (explained later) but I don't know how to fix, help, or deal with it? she's always been a very angry, impatient person, but the past year has been becoming more worse. She'll start cleaning the house and then she gets mad and will start slamming or throwing things around and when my father or I help or go to clean it up she then starts yelling at us. She always complains that she lives with pigs (my father and I) and the past month it seems everyday she can find a way to tell me that I am an ungrateful person and I never do anything to help. But I do my share of chores and even more because I know certain thins she doesn't like doing, so I'll do them and since its summer I have been home a lot so I usually spend all day cleaning. But she always find something wrong. she, at least once a week threatens to move out and just leave to live alone. My dad and I are just super frustrated because we don't know what to do anymore. Any tips on how we can deal with her? Or what might be causing her behavior?

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Her doctor can prescribe meds so she is not so uncomfortable. If you can get her relief from the night sweats and hot flashes, things will be better.
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It sounds like your mom is depressed. ( I'm not a doctor, lol, but menopause, anger, lashing out, all sound like ME when i was going through menopause).

Can your dad talk to her about going to see her doctor, i mean the two of them together)?

You are a wonderful child to have the insight that something medical might be going on with mom. She's lucky to have you!
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