My mom called my sister and told her I was hurting her. I was charged with a felony 3, battery on person age 65 over. Police came in and she lied saying I took her by the arms and shook her. Her arms were covered with bruises from all of the bloodwork she had done. The police report described her as saying I was an alcoholic and had been drinking whiskey all day, taking meds while drinking, then went on to say I was diagnosed bi-polar AND schizophrenic. She herself was intoxicated to the point of not giving a sworn statement because she was so "upset". My neighbor witnessed her saying the bruises were from blood work done (she changed her story) or the information was supplied by my sister/niece. I had a public defender and never even got to discuss the case and was just rushed into treatment, AA, probation for one year... etc I was given a no contact order - 2 months, with no place to go - luckily a person in the park let me stay at his home-- not for free however. So I was awaiting court and unknown to me, my mother went crying to the police, prosecutor and anyone else who would listen that I never hit her. So I really had no choice but to plead no contest because she is ill and can't stay alone. I risked not being able to see her for possibly 2 years therefore I took the punishment. They would not drop the charges because the prosecutor wanted to make me suffer on behalf of the state. Then she denied ever saying I hurt her and it was not her fault. Then one evening she wanted wine. I was already on my way out of early termination at 6 months but instead she went ballistic and started the "I want you out of my house ,you don't pay the bills, you take..." blah blah blah. I just came home after 13 days in JAIL! Now I have to be afraid of everything. Yet she cannot live alone. Although I seem to notice how her demeanor changes with other people and how suddenly she can remember. I had to plead guilty to the violation of probation. Is there a way to have this removed from my otherwise "honest and clean life"?

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