A frail 86 year old mother has her dying 60 year old daughter living with her in a very small one bedroom apt.. The mother really isn't able to even get her daughter off the couch where she stays. The mother is frail and now from stress is not able to sleep or eat and is down to 103 lbs. Hospice is helping some but not enough to give this poor woman a break. Don't know how long the daughter has to live and have made it clear that she can't die in this apt.. Need desperately to find a place for daughter before it kills mom. Any suggestions?

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If the daughter is terminal and is on Hospice, see if she is on Medicaid. If yes, then maybe Medicaid could find her a bed in a nursing home where she can live out the rest of her days and have Hospice. Hopefully find a place close enough so that someone could bring her mother to visit.
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I'm trying to get the name of the hospice she is with now and find out if they can do this . If not maybe you could give me some names of other hospice places. Thank you for your help
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I think it would be best if the daughter could be moved to a hospice facility, if the company they have now does not provide this then they can change to one that does.
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