Due to the fact that She had become very uncontrollable - no eating, no cleaning and starting to become physical. Her dementia is very obvious now and it is very rare that she is in a seni-normal state of mind - she is usually nasty, angry ,screaming, etc. The only time she is in a good frame of mind is when she has to go out for a doctors appt and they give her Zanex beforehand. It is like a totally different personality! Wouldnt it be possible to give her Zanex on a more frequent basis to calm her down?

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Mary, sounds like the nursing home has on record a copy of the doctor's script and I bet it only says to give xanax prior to leaving for an appointment.

Therefore, make an appointment for your Mom to see said doctor and tell him/her what you had noticed regarding xanax.... ask the doctor if it is possible to give the nursing home a new script that says give once or twice a day.
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Has she ever been seen by a geriatric psychiatrist, or psychiatric nurse practitioner at her NH? Many dementia patients take antidepressants and/or antianxiety medications like xanax for agitation. You ask a good questiom, why aren't they giving her calming meds on a regular basis?
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