She has been diagnosed with dementia about 3 or 4 years ago. I am doing the best I can for her. She is not taking her meds as she should. I work full time and can't be home with her 24/7. She does live with my husband and I. These symptoms just recently came on about a month ago. I ask What can I do for you and she outburst with I don't know. What can I do?

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Treefrog, the above advice is excellent, and also have your Mom checked for an urinary tract infection as such infections can produce all types of unusual patterns.
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People with progressing dementia can become very childlike over time.

Is she not taking her meds because she's been willful or because she doesn't understand anymore how to take them? If she doesn't understand her meds anymore they need to be administered to her by someone else. Even a pill box is confusing to someone with dementia.

It's a good idea to check with her Dr. since these are new symptoms.
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I agree with captain. Get an evaluation by her physician to rule out some medical cause for the recent onset of increased symptoms. You may also consider adult day care for her if you have one in your community. They have activities for people with dementia and can take the pressure off of caregiving.
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better do a lot of reading and learn about dementia .
i just visited an old friend today who is only 72 . he was still old sweet charlie .. non judgemental , cordial , and pleasant , but if one looked closely he was exagerating
and his facts were not factual .
dementia is complicated because its an unpleasant extenuation of a persons annoying aspects . at first you think theyre just being childish but before its over you realize that their brain is diseased and the end result is death .
the more you understand the more compassionate you will become ..
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