Help dont kow what to say!!! She accused my sister of stealing....Many thing every day something new.... And call me a hippacrit for not believing her.Get the h*ll out of house we are a very close family my dad died and 2 sisters so iam the only one here very controlling... My sister lives in vermont helped her for two month with me last yr Now she thinks she came back and robbed her... She fights with me everyday I cannot cop anymore I love her want to beleive but it cant be help me please please what should I do she wants to call cops Itys crazy or what Iam so so sad

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Ask the Middlesex NJ county office of the aging to help.
75 Bayard St # 5, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: (732) 745-3295
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Rose, i agree that dementia may be the answer, but jf this behavior started all of a sudden, get your mom to urgent care tomorrow and have her checked for a uti right away. UTIs in the elderly can cause paranoia of the sort you describe..
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Rose, the first thing I would suspect is that your mother may have some dementia. Her behavior and the heart attack make me think it's a possibility. People with certain forms of dementia can get very paranoid and often mean. Chances are that she believes what she is saying because it is her reality. She gets upset when others don't see what she "knows" to be true.

My mother does this a lot. She probably has vascular dementia with Alzheimer's setting in quickly. She will come up with an idea, then say it. Soon the idea becomes fact. You can try to tell her it isn't true, but she knows it is. She has been doing this for years now. Fortunately, most of her imagined realities are not harmful, so I don't worry about them. Your mother thinking your sister robbed her is more serious, so I understand how you can't go along with that reality.

Would it be possible to get her to a good geriatrics doctor so her cognitive abilities could be checked? Maybe the doctor can find some medications that will help or refer her to a geriatric psychiatrist to help. Geri psychs are very good to find a balance of medications that can make her feel better and more calm. I don't like drugs, but I know sometimes they improve the quality of life a lot.

I sympathize with you. It's not easy to be trying your best, but to get batted down. I hope you can find something that will help her with the paranoia and anger.
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