My Mother lives with my husband and I. She has tried everyway to end our marriage. She is misplacing items in her room and her money. She accuses us of taking it. Today, she went to the bank and wants to take out all the funds. This is definitely not wise since she forgets everything. Her bank is not accepting the durable power of attorney that I have. What are my options?

Is this a POA drawn by a Lawyer? And is not being accepted? Did you talk to the bank manager about becoming POA on the account? Is your mother DIAGNOSED with dementia? If not, it sounds that must be done at once. You may need to seek guardianship at some point as it sounds as though this is going South very quickly.
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I participated in a professional standards seminar on POA documents in Canada just this week.

I do not know if this will apply where you live, but here goes. Ask the banks compliance department to explain to you in detail why they are not accepting the POA.

Is the POA springing or enduring? Have the conditions for it to be used been met and documented? Did you supply this documentation to the bank?

When my step dad was dying, one of his banks accepted Mum as POA without issue, the other was a problem. A sternly worded letter from the lawyer who prepared the POA got the bank onside.

I know as a FP, I have to document POA documents and send them through the compliance department before I can share anything with or take instruction from the POA. I can only take instruction that fits with the client’s stated goals when they were competent.

It can be frustrating, but it is to protect the elder.
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She most likely has the beginnings of dementia/short-term memory loss. The way forward is to take her in and have a cognitive exam administered by a doctor. The diagnosis will be in her charts and then this is probably what you need for the financial PoA to become active. SHe is not trying to end your marriage, she is in decline and you can no longer interact with her as if she is her prior self. Those days are gone now. I wish you all the best as you work to help her.
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